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    Product Description

    Bio Protech electrodes are self-adhesive, non-sterile, single use disposable ECG electrodes. All include an Ag/AgCl sensing element and the solid adhesive hydro gel has very low impedance level. Most importantly, the adhesive gel sticks on both skin of patient and the sensing element so that the movement artifact can be significantly lowered. The adhesive qualities of the foam is string enough to use for stress test and holter.
    • Disposable General Products (General and Pediatric)
    • Disposable Radiolucent Products
    • Disposable Banana plug Products
    • Wet-gel ECG Electrodes
    • Wet-gel off set ECG Electrodes


    Product Description

    OXI-PRO is a disposable pulse-oximeter sensor which have various advanced biocompatibility and function, provides early information on problems in the delivery of oxygen to the tissue.
    • Designed for optimal comfort and accuracy.
    • Compatible with major leading manufactures of pulse oximetersystem.
    • Bright, high-quality LEDs to maximize signal tracking capabilities.
    • Four different bandage styles permit monitoring of all patient populations.
    • Provide a cost-effective.
    • Gold plated connector pin.
    • Applied evaporation elastic cotton tape.
    • One-piece bandage construction with visible alignment marks for easeof use and patient comfort.
    • Built-in shielding for both the photodiode and the cable to protect the signal during transmission.
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