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    HUMALYTE PLUS ISE SYSTEMS BenchTop ISE Electrolyte System
  • HUMASTAR 600

    HumaStar 600 High throughput random access system including UPS
  • HUMALYZER 4000

    HumaLyzer 4000* Top-class semi-automatic  photometer
  • HUMALYZER 3000

    HumaLyzer 3000 Semi-automatic photometer with large display
  • HUMALIZER 2000

    HumaLyzer 2000 Semi-automatic photometer with integrated incubator
  • HUMASTAR 600 AND 300SR

    our system analyzers offer completely automated reagent management. Benchtop-sized automated systems are designed for small to medium sized laboratories and prominently feature cost-efficient  solutions. Stand-alone systems are equipped to serve the needs of medium to high throughput laboratories. All system reagents feature validated applications, high quality reagents with long shelf lives and onboard stabilities, ensuring the highest cost effi- ciency and result reliability. All automated  systems are fitted with reagent cooling, barcode readers, and washable cuvettes. The HumaStar 600 can be upgraded with an optional ISE module. With these systems, HUMAN is proud to offer a unique range of solutions for laboratories of all sizes with matched versatility and economy.
  • HUMASTAR 80 AND 100

    suitable for entry-level to medium throughput automation. All automated analyzers are optimized for use with HUMAN reagents. Reagent refrigeration and continuous loading on the advanced analyzers ensure efficient operation. Applications for HUMAN multipurpose and most immunoturbidimetric reagents are preprogrammed on the instruments.
  • HumaLyte ISE-System

    Direct ISE technology offers easy handling, economi- cal testing of a variety of ISE parameters and requires only minimal maintenance. HUMAN’s HumaLyte systems are suitable for many kinds of laboratories

    HUMAN’s multipurpose clinical chemistry assays for manual and automated testing use a variety of tech- nologies for detection and quantitation. The assay range comprises enzymes, substrates/metabolites, proteins, electrolytes and trace elements with high precision and long stability. Calibrators and controls with defined values and ranges are available. Complete kits contain the reagents as well as the necessary calibrators/standards, whereas reagent kits contain just the reagents. Autocal can be used for calibration of the enzymatic assays on clinical chemistry analyzers ranging from the semi-automated HumaLyzer to the automated HumaStar series.
  • HUMAX 14K

    HUMAX 14K

    Multipurpose high speed centrifuge

    Maintenance-free brushless induction motor, delivered without rotor.

    • Programmable: speed, acceleration and braking rates, memory for 10 programs
    • Electronic imbalance detection
    • Digital display
    Speed 14,000 rpm RCF 18,405 x g Capacity 4 x 200 ml (swing-out rotor) / 24 x 2 ml (fixed-angle rotor) Timer 1-99 min. + hold position Lid Lock Double


    Description REF Size Adapter for 1.5/2 ml tubes 17155 Ø 11 x 70 mm Adapter for 7 ml tubes 17156 Ø 13 x 115 mm Adapter for 5 ml tubes 17157 Ø 13 x 90 mm Fixed-angle rotor: 4,100 rpm / 3,007 x g 17162 30 x 15 ml, Ø 17mm Swing-out rotor: 4,100 rpm / 3,045 x g 17161 4 x buckets Several sets of buckets and bottles for swing-out rotor Please refer to the product catalog. Several sets of for inserts for fixed-angle and swing-out rotor Please refer to the product catalog. Fixed-angle rotor: 14,000 rpm / 18,407 x g 17163 Several adapters for high speed fixed- angle rotor Please refer to the product catalog. Transformer, 110 V to 220 V, US socket 18970
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