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    Riester Stethoscopes 2.0 – simply better hearing! 60 years of experience in developing  and manufacturing of stethoscopes, paired  with the innovation power and the uncompromisingly high standard of quality of a globally successful company  allowed  Riester  to set  a new  standard for stethoscopes. The completely new constructed cardiophon 2.0 and duplex® 2.0 assign nothing  less than  a quantum leap in the quality of acoustics.

    ri-vital® spot-check monitor Engineered for the mobile and fast recording of vital signs. Clinically validated for adults as well as newborns weighing as little as 1kg. Simultaneous measurement of different  vital signs  within seconds. 2
    • Coloured 4.3“ TFT display (SYS, DIA, MAP, pulse, SpO , Temp,
      reddot  design award winner 2009   plethysmogram)
    • Temperaturealternativelywith infrared technology  for the ear measurement or with Filac™ 3000
    for the  oral/rectal measurement including  probe  dispenser.
    • Memory function for measurement readings and infrared interface for thermo printer
    • Options:
    External wireless printer Filac™ 3000 predictive oral/rectal thermometer Ear thermometer New mobile stand in brand-new Riester design
    • Shock resistant
    • NIBP with mode for adults and neonates. Washable and disinfectable cuffs with coiled tube,
    extendible up to 2 m.
    • SpO2 sensors with a cable length
    of 1.2 m or optional 2.40 m. Optional with PEARL measuring technology for the use with critical patients (e. g. neonates).

    ri-thermo® N professional infrared thermometer Designed for easy and efficient reading of temperature in hospitals and clinics
    • Infrared tympanic thermometer for the measurement of body temperature.
    • Smart dispenser box with 100 probe covers for table or pocket use
    • Accurate temperature measurement for adults and children within seconds
    • LCD display with backlighting for easy reading even in the dark
    • Displays up to 12 stored temperatures
    • Temperature values are displayed in a range from
    0 to 100°C or 32°F to 212°F
    • Acoustic signal when measurement is completed or fever is detected
    • Clinically validated measuring technology
    • Automatic switch-off
    • Supplied with CR 2032 batter y for at least 1000 measurements

    ri-thermo® N infrared thermometer Is the new ergonomic infrared thermometer for uncomplicated use in medical practices, hospitals and in the home.  Its innovative infrared technology not only allows ri-thermo® N to measure the body temperature of children and adults easily in a matter of seconds but also means that it can measure the temperature of sur faces, rooms and bathwater. The temperature values are displayed in a range from 0 to 100 °C or on the corresponding scale in ° Fahrenheit. Its large  LCD display with backlighting makes the values easy to read.  Even in the dark. Displays up to 12 stored temperatures. Temperature cur ves can also be plotted  retrospectively or different  measured values compared, so patients large  and small can be monitored even more  closely. The ri-thermo® N sounds a handy acoustic signal when it has finished measuring and if it detects a fever, has an energy-saving automatic switch-off function and comes with a hygienic storage container with probe  covers. ri-thermo® N is of the usual  high Riester quality, is clinically validated  and is supplied with batteries.

    MULTIPURPOSE  DIGITAL, WIRELESS IMAGING DEVICE ri-screen is  a  digital  medical camera  system with a  full range of lenses for  ophthalmoscopic, otoscopic, dermatoscopic and other  applications. Improved Patient Care Digital still and video images created with Riester ri-screen allow  making  accurate first diagnosis and planning  consistent follow-up treatment. Efficient Work Processes Riester     ri-screen is  easily  adopted into  daily examination  routines   and   connectivity   to   any patient  database system enables fluent image data sharing e.g. for consultation purposes.

    ri-scope® LED PREMIUM HAND HELD LED DIAGNOSTIC INSTRUMENTS. Consistent light output of white and bright LED over service life of battery for more efficient diagnosis. The new LED / Li-ion technology  resulting in more  reliable instruments due to significantly  longer  service  life of batteries and LEDs.

    ri-gital® Digital Thermometer. Clinical thermometer in the well-known Riester quality.  Can be used for oral,  rectal and under-arm measurement of body temperature. Digital measurement is particularly accurate thanks to the highly sensitive temperature sensor.
    • Maximum thermometer
    • With 3-digit display, memory and signal tone
    – Accuracy: +/- 0.1° – Automatic switch-off after  10 min.
    • Unbreakable and water-tight
    • Measurement range: 32 – 43.9°C
    – Incl. long-life button  cell batteries – In plastic storage box

    Affordable  mobile precision! Fast and precise measurement of pulse and oxygen content of blood (%SpO2) with familiar Riester quality in just seconds. The measurements are easy to read on the green LED display. A visual signal makes it easier to recognize signal strength and arrhythmias. Suitable for hospitals, doctor´s practices and use at home.
    • Small, mobile device with integrated sensor
    • Simple and fast measurement by attaching to the finger
    • Bright LED illumination for good visibility
    • With visual pulse indicator
    • LED-display of %SpO2, perfusion and pulse
    • Battery status indication
    • Battery lifetime of approx. 30 hours
    (in continuous operation)
    • Standard AAA-batteries included, simple to change
    • Automatic switch-off after 8 seconds
    • 30 months guarantee
  • Medical_Lighting_e_RevK

    ri-focus® LED WIRELESS HIGH PERFORMANCE LED HEADLIGHT POWERED BY LI-BATTERIES OR RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES green efficiency One hand operation -  Wireless and balanced headband with built in battery compartment -  More efficient diagnosis due to white high performance LED (140 lumen) -  Service life of LED up to 50.000 hours -  Significantly less energy consumption and heat  generation
    • Headband version, with built-in battery compartment and integral charge jack, can be optionally fitted with 2 lithium batteries size CR 123 A, 4 batteries size AAA (alkaline) or 4 rechargeable batteries size AAA (NiMH).
    • Headband cleaning made easy by inner, removable and washable padding.
    • Particularly comfortable with balanced, infinitely adjustable headband.
    • On/off switch on battery compartment.
    • Charge jack for plug-in charger integrated in battery  compartment.
    • Focusable LED lamp at a distance of 40 cm /15.75 inch approx. Ø 40 mm /1.57 inch - Ø 200 mm / 7.87 inch, infinitely adjustable.
    • White LED with 6.500 Kelvin.
    • Battery operation: approx. 4 hrs. with lithium batteries, approx. 90 min. with alkaline batteries Type AAA.
    • Rechargeable battery operation: approx. 90 min. with fully charged battery.
    • Weight: 210 g / 0.46 lb without batteries, 242 g / 0.54 lb with CR 123 A lithium batteries,
    259 g / 0.57 lb with rechargeable AAA batteries.
  • laryngoskope_e

    Riester laryngoscopes are reliable quality products. They are excellently finished and guarantee extreme durability. All handles and blades are made of high quality materials and are subjected to strict quality controls. The Riester program comprises all conventional laryngoscope  models with excellent LED and xenon illumination and fiber optics or with tried and tested 2.7 V vacuum illuminat
    • Exceptionally high light intensity thanks to XL xenon and LED-illumination technology and the extra-strong fiber bundles of the F.O. blade.
    • Macintosh and Miller blades with innovative blade design for optimum visibility of the epiglottis and vocal chords, simple insertion of the endotracheal tube.
    • Large choice of power sources:
    - manoeuvrable and sturdy battery handles and- practical charging bases.
    • Wide selection of laryngoscope sets for paediatrics and adults with particularly convincing cost effectiveness.
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